Can i recover FB Account Password?

Facebook is a very popular social media platform that has millions of users. There may be times when you are trying to use Facebook by logging in; then, you are unable to get access to your account for that, you have to make a recovery of your account. If you are looking for a Facebook account recovery, you must follow some steps to get access to your account, and after that, you can use your account normally. There are some reasons that you might want to recover your Facebook account, and there is a procedure that is needed to be followed by you to make your account recovery.


Reasons that you are unable to log in to the account


Sometimes you may forget your password, or sometimes it may also happen that someone tries to get to your account. Facebook now has locked the account to prevent it from getting into the hands of malicious people who can log in and disguise themselves as you and then cause harm by stealing some information or misusing your Facebook account.


Ways to recover your Facebook account

After you have read the reasons, you may want to execute the recovery process of your account to get to the Facebook account as before and start using the Facebook account. If you want to recover your Facebook account, you must follow some ways to get back to your account so that you can now use that normally. 


  • Go to the Facebook website.

Use this method if your account is active and you cannot sign in because you dont have the password.

Enter the email or phone number and click search

  • Select how you want to reset your password and click continue

  • If you no longer have access to them, click no longer access these.

Check your email or text message.

You will be asked to try signing in again if you no longer have access to these. If you cannot access it and if you dont have any access to the email, click cannot access my email. After that, you will be able to regain access to your account 

  • Now you have to fill in the field of recovery code and click continue.

You will be able to get access to the Facebook account, and you can use the account earlier.

You have ways to recover the account if you are unable to get to the facebook account. You have to follow these steps on facebook account recovery if you are unable to get to the account and it is locked temporarily


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