Can I Get Travel Credit on Cancellation of My United Airlines Flight

Yes, a customer is entitled to obtain a credit on cancellation of the United Airlines flight ticket. The official and updated rules of United allow you to cancel your booking and get the travel credit for using them in the future. This rule allows the tickets issued between May, 2019 to march, 2021 to be valid for travel commencing on or before March, 2022.


You will receive the travel credits for future use depending upon the ticket type that you have. However, it has a rule in which you will lose the fare difference if the rebook flight cost is less than the original one. Let us look at some crucial rules relevant to obtaining credit and using the United flight credit.

Important Rules Of United Airlines Flight Cancellation Travel Credit

  • If a passenger does not want to travel and cancel its itinerary, apply the value of ticket towards future travel.

  • The United travel credit is valid for 24 months counted from the date of issuing these credits against flight cancellation.

  • Those tickets that are not fully refundable in original form, offered to customers as travel vouchers.

  • Credits on cancellation of a United flight are also provided when you cancel the ticket on the same day. Here, the future credits depend on the type of your ticket.

  • This eCredit should be used by the customer and only for himself. It is given when you book your flight according to your designated form

  • Future flight credit can only be used on flights operated by United Airlines, Partner Airlines or United Express.

This rule was made to keep the interest of the customers by giving huge flexibility to them. But, a few passengers still have an issue about can i get a credit if i cancel my united flight . They should connect with the official United customer service. With this step, they can easily obtain the required extra information about flight credits.


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