A quick way to change MSN password

The MSN is a service of Microsoft that includes its Messenger tool, its Bing search tool and the Hotmail, and the email service. If you are using an MSN Hotmail account, you can again do log in and check the email from any of the system with the help of Internet connection and the browser. But a regular update and maintenance is required to prevent the account from any infiltration. So here we are required to change the password by following the below-mentioned points.

Follow the steps to change MSN password

These are the quick, basic steps that you must know to change the password, so be careful while following the steps.

  • First, you are required to visit the link of https: //account.live.com/reset

  • Next. You are required to Select the "I forgot my password" option

  •  Select the "Reset your password" option.

  • Following above, give the windows Live ID that requires a password reset.

  • Hit the displayed characters and Tap “Next”.

  • The options to reset your account password.

  • Pick one to reset the password of the account.

  • Create a combination of characters and alpha bates.

Some important tips while using MSN account

Before heading to the signing in process to MSN account, there are certain conditions that you must adhere.

  • Browser should be compatible.

  • Erase the add-ons and extensions from the web browser

  • You are required to clear the cache and cookies.

  • The device should be properly connected to the system.

  • You must uninstall 3rd party software from computer.

Thus, all the points mentioned above is based on MSN customer service , if required you can call directly Else, you can ask your friends to help you in resolving this type of issue.


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