A Quick and simple way to fix if Computer not booting to bios

If you found your system keeps booting to BIOS instead of moving to the Windows load screen, the issue may be triggered because of the incorrect boot order. Even when you tried to exit BIOS and reboot it, it again goes to BIOS.  This issue becomes pretty common and has been reported by many users across the globe. So follow the methods to fix Computer not booting to bios.


Follow the basic solutions to fix the issue of “Computer not booting to BIOS”.


Inspect hardware connection


  • Sometime if we add new hardware to the existing system and it is plugged properly could be the reason for BIOS to open every time.

  • Check the CMOS battery.

  • You simply need to unplug all ancillary devices and try to boot it

  • Turn off your system for a while and unplug all cables, now hold the power button for a minute to discharge it.

  • Plugin back and check for resolution.


Disable fast boot and set the system drive as primary option.


  • Simply Go to advanced settings> now select boot settings.

  • Disable fast boot> move to save changes 

  • Restart system.

  • Keep your HDD as a primary setting device and confirm all changes made.


Head to BCD Store


  • To get started, first you need to select the BCD Backup/ repair section.

  • Select change boot drive and then move to tap on perform the action as shown under the BCD management section.

  • As shown in the Select New Partition window first you make sure to set new boot drive to or the drive you have Windows installed in > now you have to select OK.


Run the window repair Tool


  • If you wish to run the window repair tool, then you must have a Windows USB stick/ DVD.

  • Now connect the Flash drive/ DVD to the system and set up it as a primary device.

  • Restart your system and wait for your bootable device to get load.

  • Select the run window repair option.


However, if you are seeking further assistance from the team, you can call directly on their support number to sort every type of query realted to Computer not booting to bios .

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