A detailed guide on how to cancel reservations with Air Canada

Planning a trip in advance is always considered as the best option.Still, there are times when passengers might require to make changes to their planned trip because of some uncertain reasons. Luckily, there are airlines who understand such situations and offer passengers with a provision to modify their booking.

Besides, there are passengers who have queries whether Air Canada offers an option to cancel the booking? Well, the airline offers an Air Canada cancellation policy that allows the passengers to cancel the booking before the actual departure and claim a refund for the same.

And before the passengers head on with the cancellation process here, are some of the major pointers of the cancellation policy that one requires to know.

Cancellation policy of Air Canada

  • This policy is applicable to both refundable and non-refundable reservations booked online.
  • For the cancellations made within 24-hours of purchase are not charged with any cancellation fee.
  • However, if the cancellations are made out of 24-hours then, a certain amount of cancellation fee.
  • The cancellation fee for the reservation is calculated on the basis of fare type and travel route.

Procedure to cancel Air Canada flight ticket

Keeping the certain pointers of Air Canada cancellation policy in mind, the passenger is required to launch the resource. Provide the booking details and retrieve the booking for cancellation. Further, confirm the cancellation of the flight ticket and wait for a confirmation email. Besides, if the passenger has any queries, they can contact the airline representative and seek required help for cancellation. 


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