What is the Pet Policy of Spirit Airlines?

A consumer friendly and low cost budget airline of USA, Spirit Airlines is a favorite among the passengers commuting to and from USA. The easy reservation and other policies of the airline help the passengers to travel comfortably. But another customer friendly service provided by them is Spirit Airlines pet Reservations policy through which you can easily carry your pets in flight. For more details, tap below.

Travelling with pets in Spirit Airlines

Travelling with pets is an equally responsible task like carrying kids along. Passengers have to take special care about the surroundings, temperature as well as the food. And that’s why a lot of airlines don’t allow pets in their flights since they might create problem for other passengers. But passengers can carry your pet through Spirit Airlines pet Reservations. Here are the rules.

1.Passenger can carry just two pets along and both have to be locked properly in a cage with space for breathing.

2.On every flight, maximum six pets are only allowed and have to be medically fit before taking them on the flight.

3.Make sure your pet does not create problem for other co-passengers hence lock them in a cage or box and keep it in one corner.

4.Pets are not allowed in international flights and passengers have to pay an extra amount per pet to carry them along.

Types of pets allowed on the flight

1. Only small dogs, cats or birds are allowed on the flight of Spirit Airlines

2.Before carrying pets, passengers have to get a medical certificate from an authorized vet stating the animal is allergic free and is not sick.

3.There are certain parameters set for animals of specific height and weight. Also you cannot count animals as a part of the baggage because of unsafe conditions.

And that’s all for the set parameters for Spirit reservations . if you still have any doubt then contact customer care.




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