What is Austrian Airlines Cancellation Policy

Get complete information on how to cancel reservations booked with Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines is one of the popular airlines that is known for offering its passengers with the best services on board to make their travel comfortable and memorable. Further, the airline has introduced certain policies that would help one to easily book and manage their bookings. So, in case, if the passenger has encountered some unexpected changes to their travel plans and wishes to cancel their bookings, they can easily apply for the cancellation.

How can one cancel their booking with Austrian Airlines?

For the passengers who have booked an itinerary with Austrian Airlines and are willing to cancel the booking, it is required that the passenger abides by certain conditions of the Austrian Airlines cancellation policy that would help one in the easy cancellation and refund processes.

Further, to help out the passengers, here are some of the key pointers of the cancellation policy that one requires to know before heading on with the cancellation.

  • For confirming cancellation, the passenger is required to send a cancellation request in writing to the airline before the scheduled departure of the flight. 

  • Further, the airline is entitled to charge its passengers with an amount per passenger, at least €30.00 without any further evidence. 

  • In the case of infants and children, the cancellation fee is calculated as per the discounted fare. 

Cost of cancelling reservations with Austrian Airlines

As per the Austrian Airlines cancellation policy , the passenger is required to pay a certain amount of cancellation fee which is calculated as per the listed info:

  • Tickets cancelled up to 30 days of travel: 10 percent of the fare

  • For tickets cancelled from 29th to 20th day: 25 percent of the fare

  • For cancellation made between 19th to 10th day before travel: 50 percent of the fare

  • For ticketed cancelled between 9th and 4th day before travel: 65 percent of the fare

  • And between 3rd and 2nd day before the departure: 85 percent of the fare

  • And for cancellation made one day before travel: 100 percent of the fare

Further, for more info regarding the cancellation policy, the passenger can contact the airline directly.




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