What happens if we cancel a non refundable flight on American Airlines

Cancellations are always troublesome and there is general thinking regarding cancellation that involves a great number of steps and therefore is a complex process. However, the reality is far away from this. Cancellations with American airlines are easy and typically requires the passenger to visit the official website of the American airlines. Once you are on the website there you will get the options for cancelling your flight that you reserved with an American airline.

In this paper, we are going to look at the consequences of cancelling a non-refundable flight on American airlines. So follow until the end to get details regarding cancelling a non-refundable flight with American airlines or what happens If I cancel a non refundable flight on American Airlines . Stay tuned and follow until the end.

Without any further ado, let us get straight into this.

What happens if I cancel a non-refundable flight on American airlines?

If you have made bookings or non-refundable flights then cancellations become a tad fussier. However, you are in for some smooth experience with American airlines. As per the refund and cancellation policy generated by the America airline, the passenger s tend to get the following:

    Upon the cancellation of a non-refundable flight, the passenger gets to have ‘travel credit’ as a form of refund.

    However, there are no refunds generated whatsoever. The passengers can utilise the travel credit for any future travel with American airlines.

    As a passenger, you are allowed to utilise the travel credit for a maximum of one year from the date of issue. Once the one year period gets expired, there is no chance that you will get to make reservations with American airlines using the same.
What one needs to do?

For cancelling your non-refundable flights, the passengers are required to stick to the online means through which they can easily opt for cancellation with American airlines. On the official website, you can proceed with the change through the ‘Manage my booking’ section.

You can also communicate with the customer care department for eradicating whatever doubts you may have as far as cancellations of non-refundable tickets are concerned.

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