Step by Step Guide on How do i fix if my Computer is Running very Slow

It can be very troublesome if you have a fine working Computer with all the specifications that you usually require to do your work but the very moment that you need to complete any project or you are working for a deadline and your computer starts facing problems.

No problem if your computer is running slow, there are a lot of measures created so that you can resolve the problem that you are facing and can continue with your work in a hassle free manner.

Restart- Usually all the system needs is just a restart to close all the running applications and give it a start again.

  • So, try to go to the windows option and click on Restart.

  • It will reboot the system and it will start again giving it a fresh start.

  • Running Applications- Make sure that you have closed all the unnecessary running background applications.

  • There are some applications which start on their own while you switch your system on so make sure that you have permanently turned them off.


  • Temporary files- Make sure that you delete all the temporary files on your computer.

  • Usually when we download an application or we do any project, the residue of the applications or the work done gets stored as temp. iles on our system.

  • Clear the temp. files and all the caches which are stored on your computer.

Update- The reason behind your computer getting slowed down can be that you have not updated your computer and it needs to have an update on the operating system.

Click on the windows option and go to the shut down menu.

  • In the Shut down menu you will find three options which are ‘Shut down’, ‘Sleep’ and Restart.

  • If your computer needs an update, it will consist of two more options ‘Update and Shut down’ and ‘Update and Restart’

  • Updating can also help to make your system fast.

Therefore, the above mentioned points will help you to resolve the situation of computer is running very slow and you can continue with your work in very easily.


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