What is the Sun Country Cancellation Policy

Sun Country is a very big airline in the world which serves on various destinations. Sun Country is very famous for its generous policies. Its policies provide flexibility in the travel plans. One such policy is the Sun Country Airlines Cancellation Policy. It is very easy to cancel your booking according to this cancellation policy.

The cancellation policy of Sun country is mentioned below.

24 hours flexible Reservation

It is too easy to cancel your flight ticket within 24 hours of booking the flight ticket. According to this rule, you will get various benefits. Some of the Sun Country Airlines benefits are listed below.

  • No cancellation penalty or fee is charged.

  • The full refund of the flight ticket cost is given.

  • Both refundable and non-refundable fare holders can use this rule.

Mode of Cancellation

As per the cancellation policy, you can cancel your Sun Country booking online or offline. Cancellation is allowed on its website (online) or by a phone call (offline). If the booking is made by a third-party, contact them for cancellation.

Cancellation by Sun Country

There are instances when Sun Country Airlines itself cancels your flight booking. In this situation, you will get a refund for the cancelled flight. Flight cancelled due to COVID, Sun Country compensate those passengers with eCredits. This credit can be used in future Sun Country booking.

Sun Country Cancellation Fees

As per the Sun Country Airlines Cancellation Policy, you may require to pay the cancellation fee. The Cancellation fee is applied if you are cancelling after the flexibility period. The cancellation fee amounts to $50 for cancellation between 14-59 days before departure. And for cancellation within 14 days of departure, $100 is charged.

Refund on Cancellation

It is easy to get a refund for the unused part of the ticket on cancellation. Here, you can only get the refund on making the refund request. The refund amount will be given within 9 business days after the request.

On getting any difficulty in the Sun Country Airlines cancellation policy, contact its customer service for additional details.


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