Learn the ways to Install Epson Printer Drivers On Windows

Epson Electronics Company is a Japanese company which has given one of the world’s best printers to the people. Now, if you own an Epson Printer and you are using it on Windows, then it is probably because of the printer drivers that you would have to install in order to make it work properly. 


If you are dealing with such a problem, then continue reading to know how to install the Epson Printer driver on Windows.


Steps to install Epson Printer driver on Windows-


  1. Turn on your Epson Printer and make sure that it is connected to your Windows system. 

  2. Turn on the computer you are using. 

  3. Click on the “Windows” icon and then, choose the option of “Settings”. 

  4. Then click on the option of Devices, and then choose the option of Printers & Scanners, and then click on the option of Add a Printer or Scanner. 

  5. Now you will have to act according to one of these situations- (a) if your Epson printer already appears in the window, then you have to select it and select the option of Add Device. Windows will install the printers driver of your printer, and your printer will appear in the Printers & Scanners list. 

(b) if your printer does not appear in the window, then select the option of “the printer I want isn’t listed here”, then select “add a local printer or network printer with manual settings” and then click on the “Next” button. 

  1. Then select the option of “Use an existing port”. Then click on “Next”.

  2. In the manufacturers column, select “Epson”, and in the printers column, select your printer. 

  3. Click on “Next”.

  4. If desired, then modify the printer’s name and then click on “Next” to install the printer. 

  5. Select the option of “do not share this printer” and click on “Next”.

  6. Then, select the option of “Print a test page” to check the printer is working. 

  7. Select the option of “close”, and click on “Finish”.

So, the answer to your question,
how to install the epson printer driver on windows , has been given in the above mentioned steps.

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