Important Guidelines from the Cancellation Policy of Lufthansa Airlines

Get All Details On The Cancellation Policy Of Lufthansa Airlines

Got your travel plans stuck due to any unavoidable circumstances, and now you want to cancel your Lufthansa flight tickets. But are you also worried about your ticket purchase amount? And have no idea about what to do now? Well, Lufthansa Airlines is pretty much flexible with its cancellation policy and its flight cancellation policy is also quite helpful in making your worries go away.

Important Guidelines From The Cancellation Policy Of Lufthansa Airlines

·         Lufthansa Airlines lets you cancel your flight tickets for free and also provide you the full refund if you cancel them within 24 hours of their booking. However, the refund amount may also depend upon your purchased fare type – non-refundable or refundable.

·         In addition, if you cancel your flight tickets that have been booked 7 days or more prior to the scheduled departure, then you’ll get the full refund from Lufthansa Airlines. However, if you cancel your flight tickets in less than 7 days prior to the flight departure, then you’ll be payable for the airline’s cancellation fee as per the Lufthansa Airlines cancellation policy.

·         In the event, if you got your bookings on Lufthansa Airlines through any travel agent, then you’ll have to request them for your bookings cancellations and refund request.

·         The refunds on Lufthansa Airlines are provided through the same mode that were used for purchasing flight tickets. Besides, if your purchased fare type is non-refundable, then you might not be able to get Lufthansa Airlines refund but the travel credits that can be used for making future bookings.

Moreover, if you wish to know more about the Lufthansa Airlines cancellation policy , then contact the airline’s customer services and consult with the experts.

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