How does Non-Refundable Fare cancellation works on Delta? Important Guidelines

Have you purchased non-refundable fare on Delta? And now due to any unavoidable reason, do you wish to cancel your bookings on the airline? Well, cancelling a non-refundable fare can be quite confusing and make you worried about your refunds. However, having an idea on the cancellations guidelines of the airline can help you with your reservations.

So, if you are thinking What happens if i cancel a non refundable flight on Delta Airlines, then here’s what you should learn about the same.

What Happens If I Cancel A Non Refundable Flight On Delta? What to know!

·              When you cancel your flight ticket within 24 hours of the purchase, then you’ll get the full refund for the same, and that too without paying the cancellation fees. However, if you cancel the flight after the 24 hours’ window, then the airline will deduct a cancellation fee followed by providing the refunds for the rest of the amount in the form of eCredit.

·              If you have purchased Basic Economy fares on or before April 30, 2021, the Delta Airlines will waive its cancellation fee for changing or canceling your booking before the scheduled departure.

·              In the event, if you are travelling within the U.S., Puerto Rico and USVI, and have purchased tickets after August 31, 2020, then Delta Airlines will not impose its cancellation or change fee.

·              In case, if your Delta booking does not come under the No Cancellation Fees policy, then the airline will impose its cancellation fee starting from $200 depending on your itinerary and other booking details, and rest of the booking amount will given in the form of eCredit.

·              Moreover, the eCredits can be used for booking flight tickets within a year from the date of issuance against your flight cancellations on Delta Airlines.

Furthermore, if you are still thinking what happens if i cancel a non refundable flight on Delta airlines , then feel free to get in touch with the airline’s customer services and talk to the live experts. They’ll surely help you with the best and real-time assistance.


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