How do we send a message to American Airlines Flights

What is the most trustworthy way to reach American Airlines?

If You have a flight that is not up to your expectation, having such an issue have a flight that is difficult. The best thing you can do is seek reimbursement from the airline.

How do I send a message to American Airlines ? Here's how you can do it.

When filing a complaint, it's common practice to ask for the desired outcome so that the company can address the issue. It's also a good idea to set reasonable expectations so that the company can meet them. Seeking a full refund, for example, while requesting a flyer coupon may be more acceptable. Your needs will differ depending on your unique situation.

Email should be used to send complaints.

  • Go to and fill out the form. and complete the form

  • From the 'Topic' drop-down option, choose 'Customer Relations.'

  • Under 'Subject,' choose 'Complaint.'

  • Under 'Reason,' choose the option that best characterizes your complaint from the drop-down box. If none of the other options apply to your situation, select 'Other.'

  • Select 'Next.'

  • On the following page, fill the form. You will be asked for your contact information, ticket number or record locator, mailing address, flight numbers, origin and destination cities, and travel dates. You should not put your date of birth or credit card information in this form for security reasons.

  • You will receive an email response to your complaint. According to American Airlines, customer complaints are answered within 60 days.

Make a complaint on the phone.

  • The phone number given on their website will connect you to the American Airlines Customer Service staff.

  • As well as your flight numbers, origin and destination cities, and travel dates, make sure you have your ticket number or record locator on hand.

  • Any documentation or proof you have that backs up your claim should be mentioned.

  • If you're experiencing a problem with American Airlines, taking notes while you're there is an excellent idea. Later on, you will be able to file a more complete complaint.


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