how do I fix if the computer is not booting up

Are you the user who is facing the issue of your computer not booting up and hence you happen to face issues? Then you shall not panic as you are not alone in this situation and many other users are facing the same situation. And we understand that it can be disappointing hence bringing such information to help you out. So, for that, you can refer to the steps mentioned further in this article to get rid of the computer not booting issue.

Troubleshooting Ways to Fix Computers Not Booting Up!

  1. Check the power supply of your computer by checking that your computer is firmly plugged into the socket. If the plug is let loose from the socket then it can create issues. 

  2. You can try to turn off the computer and let it be like that for at least 15 seconds so that the computer’s capacitor gets enough time to totally discharge and then again recharge when turned on. 

  3. A user can also fix his Computer not booting up the issue by pressing the F8 key just before the Windows logo and then tap the “Advanced Settings” option and choose “Last configuration mode”. So that the computer automatically gets into the same mode and works fine. 

  4. Another way to fix the issue is by performing the hard reset. And this can be done when the Windows screen gets displayed, tap on the option of hard reset. 

  5. You also might fix the issue by simply removing the recently installed and downloaded applications and software. 

If the above tips did not help you resolve the issue then you shall not panic. You still have an option by which you can get the issue fixed. And this is by getting in touch with the customer support of your respective computers.


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