How do I fix if my printer not printing color properly

Nowadays the printer has become the non-detachable output device which is used across the globe in not only offices but also as a personal device at home, earlier it was operated in only black ink but now the user has more colors to print the picture with perfection.

The user is not advised to directly jump towards the phone and call for help, instead, they should first try the methods which are given below to make the things sorted on their own.

Fixes to make the printer work properly

Use the right printer driver. A user should ensure that the printer driver which is installed in the system should be compatible with the printer model by visiting the internet for the model number of the printer, otherwise a person can also contact the support page of the printer’s model.

Look the cartridge. Cartridge malfunction can also be the issue and to check it the user should make the following checks.

  • Check the cartridge is malfunctioned or faulty or not by taking out the cartridge from the printer.
  • Make sure that the ink cartridge isn’t expired.
  • The ink cartridge contains the ink or not.

Check print-heads. There are some cases when the print-heads are clogged with the ink of the printer which may arise this problem so the user is recommended to clean the print-head with the option of troubleshooting them this can be done by following these steps.


  • Hold the main power button and release it to make the printer starts cleaning the print-head.
  • Try to print the document again, if the problem persists then repeat the first step.


Having the ability to take the color print-outs is one of the major function of printers and if the printer’s ink is not working then it is recommended to get technical assistance by searching for the query of printer repair near me .


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