How do I fix if google mail not working properly

Google mail plays a crucial role professionally and personally and therefore encountering an error with Gmail can be super tedious for all the users. If you are facing errors with the Gmail application in your devices then follow this space till the end and get help with the fixing of errors that can hamper your work and can cause trouble.

There are certain steps that one can follow in order to fix all the errors that one might encounter. But before getting into the fixing, let us first understand the type of errors that one encounters with the Google mail. Several errors are:

  • The most common error face by the users is that they are not able to send emails and then there are problems where the mails are stuck in the send option.

  • Then there are situations where the users are not able to receive new mails.

  • Problems with opening or reading emails that you receive.

  • Syncing errors such as the Gmail account is not synced.

  • And then there are problems with Gmail applications. It runs too slow. 

All these errors can be fixed through a few of the most commonly used troubleshooting steps that are listed below:

  • The first and foremost step that one may consider is to update the Google mail application. Updating the application will do the required bug fixing. This will provide you with a great experience with the Gmail application and therefore you will be able to work smoothly and effortlessly with the Gmail application.

  • Secondly, the users who are facing some errors with the Gmail application can restart their devices in order to fix any issue if they are facing any while working with the Gmail application.

  • Thirdly you can try running checks on your settings and can see if there are any problems with the device. You can try and restart your device, check if you are online or not, is your device is connected to the internet. You can also check for the airplane mode. If it is on then turn it off. Then there are Gmail settings that one can check. You can also see whether your Gmail is under the right sync settings. You can also look for the device settings.

  • Fourthly you can go for clearing the storage of your device. You can remove the cache files and the other insignificant data from your device. Freeing up space can eliminate the syncing issues that one might encounter. Start by freeing up space in your device. You can go for uninstallation of applications that are sitting idle on your phone. Next, you can also remove extra files from your devices so that there is ample space or storage.

I hope this helps for How do I fix if google mail not working properly but if not then you can directly get in touch with the google mail customer service


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