How do I book multiple plane tickets?

Can I Book Two Seats for Myself?

When it comes to the online flight reservations, airlines make sure that all the passengers travel safely and without any hurdle. And amidst all the traveling features introduced by the airline, one of the similar features to make traveling easier and comfortable is booking more than two seats for a single passenger.

Can someone really book two seats at the same time?

Due to some personal choices, at times passengers require two seats at the place of one for themselves or seeking help on how can I book two airlines seats for myself ?. And nearly all the prominent airlines allow their flight passengers to book two seats at the same fare. Therefore before making any reservations for the two seats, read the below given points carefully.

1.For all the passengers who want to book two seats per passenger need to directly call the concerned airline and tell them that you want two confirmed seats. And for the flight reservations, simply give the passenger details such as the destination, date of traveling and the mode of payment. And the bookings will be confirmed.

2.Also for the double reservations, you can only book seats in the same cabin, class, fare and within the same offer. No passenger under any situation would be allowed two seats in two different classes or cabins.

3.When it comes to payment, you can only book two seats with the help of cash or card. In case you have miles and want to make reservations then you can’t book two seats redeeming the miles.

Contact the customer care team of the airline

Suppose in case you have some doubts related to the service of how can I book two airlines seats for myself then call up on the helpline number of the airline. You can directly call on the helpline number and find out the answer. Also the helpline number works 24x7 to assist the passengers.


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