Book cheap flight tickets on Qatar Airways with Reservationssticket

To avail the offers of cheap flight booking on Qatar Airways, you need to learn about the steps of placing a booking with the airlines.


The steps to book flights with Qatar Airlines are usual, yet they are explained below for the customers who are having issues with points. Steps have been discussed below: 

  1. Firstly, start a web browser of your choice on your device.
  2. Now you have to look for the official website of Qatar Airlines.
  3. Once you successfully reach the official website of Qatar Airlines, you will be able to find some columns to fill in.
  4. Enter your nearest as well as destination airport.
  5. Choose your travel date and the exact number of passengers travelling.
  6. Afterward, tap on Find so that it leads you to a page that shows all the flights that are available as per your preference.
  7. Select the flight that suits you, and then you are good to move to the payment slab.
  8. On that particular webpage, you have to choose the option of Pay with points, if you have any.
  9. If you don’t have points or qmiles, you can simply go ahead with payment without qmiles. 
  10. At the end, you need to enter the required details and don’t forget to complete the payment procedure as per your ease.
  11. Confirm your booking with Qatar and receive the confirmation mail.

This is how things are done in just a few clicks.

After going through the above steps, it's clear that how do I book a flight on Qatar Airways.

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