change or reset AOL password on iPhone?

Password are very critical in order to secure the account and changing the password at regular basis can be very helpful in order to secure the account. Change AOL password  or resetting them can be really easy but many times many user get confused regarding the process. Every device has different settings similarly change password in iPhone can be bit different then android. Here are the few steps that will help to change the password in very simple and easy way.

How to change or reset the AOL password on iPhone ?

Follow these steps in order to change or reset the AOL password in your iPhone

  • On your iOS device open the Home screen then press on the AOL app.
  •  After  that user need to click on the Settings gear which is situated on the lower-right corner of your iPhone screen.
  • Next step is to go to the Support section and then press the Privacy dashboard.
  • Click on the Your Account tab on the screen.
  • If the user has not signed in, then choose to See your account data tab and log in with your AOL credentials to continue.
  • Drop down and then select the Your Account option in order to Change AOL password and choose the AOL credentials when it will get redirected.
  • Visit the Your Account section and pick the option of Edit Account Info.
  • On the Personal Info screen there will be 3-horizontal-line menu icon on the screen.
  • Once this is don user will  now have to choose Account Security.
  • Tap on the option of Change password.
  • Click on the password field and type a new password in both boxes that request it.
  • After that select on the Continue option.
  • There will be confirmation screen with boxes for a recovery email as well as recovery phone number that will get displayed on the screen for Change AOL password . Type the recovery information if user wants to and then select on the Looks good or Done in order to finish.
  • Also note that generate a password minimum if eight characters and try to include all the signs and symbols so that it can more secure and hard to hack and try to change it more often.

These were the following ways to generate or create a new password for your AOL account. If user has any confusion or wants to know more regarding the  Change AOL password then dial the number of representative and talk to them, they will try to help you around the clock.

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