Can families sit together on Southwest

Want to sit together with the family on a Southwest flight?

Flying with family in Southwest airlines? When you board the flight, you can choose among the occupied seats also. If you are travelling in a large group, there are more options for seat selection. 

How to ensure the family sits together?

When you are travelling with family, you can choose seats to sit together in the flight. In order to ensure that your family members sit together during a Southwest flight, you can try out below mentioned things:

Early Bird Check-in: With this service, you can get the early check-in facility by paying an extra fee for the same. 

Check-in 24 hours before departure- To choose the preferred seats, you should complete online check-in, 24 hours prior to the departure time.

Board during family boarding- In this, you can board when the families are boarding as the seats are assigned according to the family seating.

Book the first flight- To get the seats together, you can book the first flight of Southwest on the particular date as it will be less occupied and you can select seats.

For more details about family seating, Southwest airlines reservations can be contacted. The representatives will provide all the info required for family trips. The passenger can contact them at any time as the services are available round the clock. The contact details can be found on the official website of Southwest airlines.


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