A Complete Guide to Fix Black Screen issue on PC

Facing a black screen issue on your PC? Well, this issue can be quite frustrating and can make things invisible on your device’s screen. However, the rest of the functionalities will be functional yet you won’t be able to see anything on your device’s screen. Hence, read further to know more about troubleshooting the issue on your own. 

Reasons Why Your PC Screen Is Black

The following are the potential causes to result in your device’s display screen resulting into black. 

  • Due to loosen or damaged cables.

  • Bug issues in your device’s OS and application. 

  • You have attached way too many peripheral devices.

  • Issues with your monitor or display. 

  • PC Boot-up problems. 

How Do I Fix My Computer When The Screen Is Black? Simple Methods

Fix The Cables

Check out all of the cables (HDMI/USB cables, main power cord, VGA to HDMI cables) that are attached to your device, and if you find any damaged ones, then get them replaced. 

Reboot The PC

  • Hit the power button, then check your device for the bootup sound, then check if all the LEDs are functional.

  • Next, check your device’s fan, hard drive, and any other boot-up pings. 

  • In case, if you have a wired internet connection, then see if the connectivity light is working. For wireless connections, see if the router is intact. 

Try Another Display Monitor

Still, thinking How do I Fix my Computer when The Screen is Black? Well, try connecting your PC/laptop to another display monitor (external). If everything works accordingly, then get your device’s in-built display checked by the experts. 

Try The Installation Disk

Sometimes the black screen issue can occur due to a malfunctioned operating system, corrupted display driver, or even outdated drivers. Hence, you’ll need to either boot your device in the safe mode or try the installation disk to again install the OS in your device. 

How Do I Fix My Computer When The Screen Is Black? Get Professional Help 

In case, if you need any further assistance on fixing the black screen in your PC, or reinstallation of your operating system for proper bootup, or fixing/replacing the damaged cables, then contact the tech-experts at the computer tech support. They will surely provide you reliable and quick solutions to fix You how do i fix if computer not showing wifi networks problem. 


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